Topics & Partitions

Every event in Zeebe belongs to a partition. Groups of partitions are organized in topics which share a common set of workflow definitions. It is up to you to define the granularity of topics and partitions. This section provides assistance with doing that.


Choosing the number of topics and partitions depends on the use case, workload and cluster setup. Here are some rules of thumb:

  • For testing and early development, start with a single topic and a single partition. Note that Zeebe's workflow processing is highly optimized for efficiency, so a single partition can already handle high event loads. See the Performance section for details.
  • With a single Zeebe Broker, a single partition per topic is always enough as there is nothing to scale to.
  • Avoid micro topics, i.e. many topics with little throughput. Each partition requires some processing resources and coordination of Zeebe cluster nodes.
  • Base your decisions on data. Simulate the expected workload, measure and compare the performance of different topic-partition setups.