None Events

None events are unspecified events, also called ‘blank’ events.

None Start Events


A workflow must have exactly one none start event. The event is triggered when the workflow is started via API and in consequence a token spawns at the event.

XML representation:

<bpmn:startEvent id="order-placed" name="Order Placed" />

None End Events


A workflow can have one or more none end events. When a token arrives at an end event, then the it is consumed. If it is the last token within a scope (top-level workflow or sub process), then the scope instance ends.

XML representation:

<bpmn:endEvent id="order-delivered" name="Order Delivered" />

Note that an activity without outgoing sequence flow has the same semantics as a none end event. After the task is completed, the token is consumed and the workflow instance may end.

Payload Merge

When all execution paths within a scope have ended, then the respective payloads are merged into one document that is used for scope completion. If fine-grained control over the merging process is required, then a merging mapping can be used. See the section on merging mappings for details.

XML representation:

<bpmn:endEvent id="order-delivered" name="Order Delivered">
      <zeebe:mapping source="$.paymentMethod" target="$.paymentMethod" />
      <zeebe:mapping source="$.price" target="$.prices" type="COLLECT" />