Currently, Zeebe supports service tasks.

Service Tasks


A service task represents a work item in the workflow with a specific type. When the workflow instance arrives a service task then it creates a corresponding task.

A worker can subscribe to these tasks and complete them when the work is done. When a task is completed, the corresponding service task is left and the workflow instance continues.

Read more about tasks.

XML representation:

<bpmn:serviceTask id="collect-money" name="Collect Money">
    <zeebe:taskDefinition type="payment-service" />
      <zeebe:header key="method" value="VISA" />

Task Definition

Each service task must have a task definition. It specifies the type of the task which is used by the workers to subscribe to.

Optionally, a task definition can specify the amount of times the task is executed if a failure occurs. (default = 3)

<zeebe:taskDefinition type="payment-service" retries="5" />

Task Headers

A service task can have one or more task headers. It is a kind of metadata of the task which can used as configuration or parameters.

  <zeebe:header key="method" value="VISA" />